Sam Francis

  • portfolio image
    FOR EBI - 1970
    Farblithographie, Auflagenhöhe: 15 Exemplare
    Blattgröße: 46 x 58,4 cm
    Lembark 109
  • portfolio image
    CORAL POLES - 1973
    Farblithographie, Auflagenhöhe: 20 Exemplare
    Blattgröße: 92,1 x 67,3 cm
    Lembark 159
  • portfolio image
    CORAL RED - 1970
    Farblithographie, Auflagenhöhe: 7 Exemplare
    Blattgröße: 59,1 x 87,9 cm
    Lembark 110

Sam Francis was born in California in 1923. He began studying medical studies in Berkley. A heavy injury, suffered in World War II, forced him to a prolonged hospitalization. During that time he worked intensively with painting and in 1945 he decided to become an artist. Back at university, Mark Rothko became his lecturer. In 1950 he moved to Paris and studied at the Académy Léger. In 1952 he had already his first exhibitions in Paris and then, in 1956, in the United States. Until 1962 he traveled a lot and had several residences but then he returned to California. He died in 1994. Sam Francis´ works rely on abstract expressionism. Initially, he was strongly influenced by the late work of Claude Monet and Japanese Art. Then he advanced to the main representatives of the Tachism. His abstract compositions of color patches, the drop in thin rivulets on the ground, are characterized by high color intensity.