Karel Appel

  • portfolio image
    DROLE DE DRAME – 1960,
    Farblithographie, Exemplar: 70/120
    Blattgröße: 56 x 76 cm

Karl Appel was born in Amsterdam in 1921. From 1942 to 1944 he studied at the Imperial Academy of Amsterdam. There he met Corneille. Together with Constant and Corneille, he founded the Netherlandse Experimentele Groep in 1948. In the same year the artist association COBRA was founded by Dotremont, Noiret, Jorn, Constant, Corneille and Appel, artists from Denmark, Belgium and Holland. The artists turned against radicalism and geometry, oppose artistic academies and refered in their art to the primordial, the savage and the emotive. In 1950 Appel moved to Paris and joined the avantgarde currents, with Dubuffet and Fautrier. During this time he encountered with works by Art Brut and dealed with childrens drawings and outside European art. In 1953 and 1957 he participated the Biennale of Sao Paolo and in 1954 the Biennale of Venezia. He traveled to the United States and Mexico in 1957. From 1990 on, Appel commuted between his studios in New York, Connecticut, Monaco and Tuscany. In 1994/1995 he devoted himself mainly at the stage design at the Dutch Opera. 2006 the Karel Appel Foundation was founded. Karel Appel is known for figurative and abstract paintings as well as a unique expressive use of colors, shapes and lines. In his works, Appel dealed with various artistic genres, he created collages, assemblages, ceramics, sculptures wall decorations and stage designs. Karel Appel died in Zurich in 2006.