Josef Dobrowsky

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    Aquarell auf Papier
    47 x 63 cm

Josef Dobrowsky was born in Karlovy Vary, todays Czech Republique in 1889. He spent his childhood between Karlovy Vary, Prague and Vienna. He began his artistic education at Franz Hohenberger School of Painting, then attended the Vienna College of Fine Arts and from 1906 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts at Christian Griepenkerl and Rudolf Bacher. In 1919 he joined the Vienna Secession, whose honorary member he became in 1955. Dobrowsky became a member of the Prague Secession. His early work show influences by Gustav Klimt, Ferdinand Hodler and Albin Eggier-Lienz. Since the 1920ies he had been intensivly working with dutch painting, mainly with works of Pieter Breughel d. Ä. and Rembrandt, which can be seen in the warm and dark colors of his paintings from this period. In the 30ies Dobrowsky style got more expressive and he used brighter, more vibrant colors. In this period, landscapes, portraits and still-lifes were created. Characteristic for his painting is the restrained, tonal, color-palette working with light-dark values or expressive mood. From 1946 to 1963 Dobrowsky teached the masterclass for painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and influenced numerous artists. Among his pupils was Wolfgang Hollegha, Alfred Hrdlicka, Josef Mikl and Arnulf Rainer. Dobrowksy created a comprehensive ouevre for which he was awarded several times, most recently with the Austrian State Prize in 1962. He is one of the most important Austrian artist of the interwar and pioneer of modern painting in Austria. Josef Dobrowsky died in Lower Austria in 1964.