Agnes Muthspiel

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    OBSTSCHALE - 1946
    47 x 42 cm
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    SONNTAG AM MEER - 1963
    Öl / Hartfaserplatte
    59,5 x 37 cm

Agnes Muthspiel was born in Salzburg in 1914. Initially she was very active in writing literature. Then she engaged in painting and was active as a self-taught artist, especially after World War II. She was member of the artist circle in Salzburg, with Wathenphul, Caspar Neher and Herbert Breiter. Her atelier at the Mönchsberg was a meeting point of the Salzburger artists. Muthspiel was member of the Art-Club and the “Salzburger Gruppe”. She went on several journeys to Italy. The artist died in Salzburg in 1966. Agnes Muthspiel mainly focused on oil paintings but also watercolors, drawings and prints. She was especially passionate about painting her hometown Salzburg with its towers and gardens. Another important motif in her Oeuvre is the devout Catholic Rome and her beloved Italian island Porza.

Text von Gerhard Amanshauser
Verlag Galerie Welz
24 Doppelblätter mit 21 Farbproduktionen
Format 17 x 14,7 cm, Pappband.
ISBN 3-85349-114-6
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