Galerie Welz

The gallery was founded in 1934 by Friedrich Welz (1903-1980) and is located in the Palais Kuenburg. Its current interiors were redesigned in 1974. Following the long-standing tradition of the institution, the gallery focuses on three main areas: Classical Modern Art, Austrian contemporary art and Austrian sculpture after 1945 ranging from Wotruba and the first generation after Wotruba up to the present.

With around 16 exhibitions annually the gallery displays paintings, watercolours, drawings and sculptures of Austrian and international Classical Modern Art, Austrian and German Expressionism and especially contemporary art, with an emphasis on Austrian artists on two floors.

The graphic department of the institution includes a wide range of printed graphic works and multi-coloured Japanese woodblock prints. Available for purchase are both attractively priced works, which are suitable for collectors who might be starting out, as well as high-end coloured woodblock prints from the Classical Modern period.

The gallery comprises a carefully selected art bookshop – offering volumes from the in-house publishing house, new releases from the international art book market and antiquarian books – and a specialised framing department, which has been providing professional framing and frames and picture restoration services for decades.


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